Saturday, November 6, 2010

Testing, testing...1-2

Holy neglected blog knitgirl!'s been entirely too long, but alas I was not knitting for a good long while...thus felt no need to bore the bejesus out of you with random nonsense in the form of blog rambling.

But here I am, at the start of the cold season, needles in hand (okay, not in hand as I type but nearby nonetheless) and ready to start a little woolly blogging once again!  A few projects finished, a couple on the needles (one a tester for a pattern soon to be posted here, inspired by a hat I knit recently...yeah, yeah pics coming soon too) and so many more on the to do list it's way past Halloween scary!

It's all good though, being as I just got in some yummy scrumminess from a Mosaic Moon co-op that I can pet and squish along with the rest of the stash (which continues to grow despite my extreme distance from my fave dyers).

I suppose all this randomness is to say...I have not forgotten thee!

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