Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now that the Worst has Passed...

I can talk about it. I can now talk about how I handed down all of our beloved wool to my sister for my nephew to use. I can talk about how I lovingly washed each pair, lay them out to dry and shaved them...knowing I wouldn't see them again for a very long time or until I had another babe of my own to wear them. I can talk about how I wrote out directions, told over the phone several times and showed her how to care for them as lovingly as I had...I can talk about how I specifically detailed they were NOT to be put in the washer or dryer.

I sent this:

I got back this:

Why, yes...that is a 7" DPN next to that pair of shorties...see trauma.  I no longer knit anything remotely wool for my sister.

The sad part is...this wasn't even the worst of it.  I have 6 pairs of felted beyond belief wool shorties sitting on my table right now...sigh.  Alas, poor woolies...I knew them well.  To deal with this horrid crime against my woolies, I am turning them into of art to hang on my tree once a year so that I can pet them and smile at the fond memories of my boy romping in the grass.

For what it's worth, I've learned one critical thing...Blackberry Ridge merino is damn near wool-idiot proof.  The two things I sent to KY made from BBR came back only slightly felted with plenty of stretch still and the stitches are completely definable.  I've even run them through a couple of hot wash and dry cycles to try to felt them further...isn't gonna happen.  I love BBR!


  1. Sad, sad, sad. I never give away any knitting that I hope to see again... I've learned the hard way, too. :(

  2. I'm actually laughing "with" you, because those shorties are adorable, and at first I thought those little black dots were eyes!!!

    Yeah... a bit late to the party. ;)

  3. lol Meadowlark...they do look a bit like eyes. They did fit a Cabbage Patch with a little wrangling, but I couldn't get that darn felted waist to cinch. sigh