Friday, July 24, 2009

Pattern Testing...

This is my most favorite part of the design process...the testing stage. I'm doing something new this go around though. I've taken on testers at Ravelry...brave women who are willing to torture themselves into learning a new knitting technique in order to take a stab at a brand new pattern.

I bow down to them...they're doing it for the fun of it...I did it because I absolutely just HAD to conquer Tunisian knitting and HAD to design a pattern to show off that perfect weave. HAD TO, I tell ya!

Of course, it's not as if the pattern is way hard. Really simple actually, it's designed to highlight the actual knitting...which is what I love about Tunisian. You can help but want to show that off.

At any rate, I am now driving several other women crazy with this pattern. Hopefully not too crazy though!

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